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In the XXI century we see the world through the screens of our electronic devices.  We have all turned into moths, mesmerized by a brightness and those retina-burning vibrant colors.
Worlds famous museums welcome more tourists than ever, but the real visitors are the cellphones. These cellphones are the ones that look at the masterpieces and trap them inside, they immediately capture the image that constitutes the hunter’s trophy and the sole reason to be there. Traveling [or life?] itself is an exhausting hunt for proof and validation. There is no contemplation or even reflection in regards to these bright reflections on the screens, we have transformed it all into consumption. Consumption without ever digesting. “I was here, right beside it, look”. Next.
These works come from a time when only fire delivered light. But now my cellphone manages to make the Venus de Milo shine. The actual presence of a greek sculpture is less appealing than the bright image a tablet delivers. All eyes involuntarily glance at the largest one around.

Sometimes ripples of vision and caption unfold in front of the camera:
1the painting 2the art student painting the painting 3the sign asking not to take pictures of the art student painting the painting 4the young man taking a picture of the sing and the art student working on her painting with the original painting in the background 5me photographing from behind the young man taking the picture of the sign on the easel where the painting depicting the painting rests, with the original painting on the wall 6(there surely was somebody behind me, obviously with a phone, but I did not look back).
One was Johnny

How do we interact with art?
How do these paintings and sculptures interact with us? (I have the strange sensation that they look at us way more than we look at them)
How do the various paintings and sculptures in a museum room complement and transform one another?

And how much light is needed to make a work of art recognizable, to outline just enough its iconic silhouette?


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